Stayfree Ultra Thin All Night With Wings 10 Pads

Code: 039810


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  • Stay Comfortable.
  • Stay Protected.
  • Stay Fresh.
  • Stay Dry.
  • It is not recommended to flush sanitary pads or their packaging down the toilet.Instead, wrap used pads within several squares of toilet paper or the hygienic wrapping of your product and dispose of them in a sanitary disposal unit or normal rubbish bin.
  • Use clean hands to peel the pad out of the wrapper and place it, sticky-side down, in the cotton-lined crotch of your underwear.
  • If your pad has wings, peel back the small strips of paper on top to reveal the sticky tabs and wrap each wing around the sides of your underwear.
  • This will ensure you have adequate coverage from leaks in between your legs.