Advocate Flea, Heartworm And Worm Treatment for Cats 4kg Large PURPLE

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  • Advocate is the closest thing to a vaccine against Australia’s most common parasites.
  • An easy-to-use spot-on, it is applied monthly.
  • The super ingredients in Advocate provide fast relief from fleas, prevent deadly heartworm and protect both your dog and your family from most gastrointestinal worms.Advocate creates a flea-free home fast.
  • It stops fleas biting within 3 to 5 minutes, killing adult fleas and their larvae within 20 minutes – breaking the flea lifecycle.
  • With monthly use it also protects your dog from the danger of heartworm infections.
  • Plus Advocate takes care of worming worries.
  • It kills up to 100% of hookworm, roundworm and whip worm, and prevents reinfestation.
  • It’s water-resistant and even prevents mites and lice.
  • It all adds up to the most thorough parasite protection available for your cats.
  • Use with caution in sick, debilitated or underweight animals .Advocate may be safely applied to heartworm infected dogs therefore there is no absolute requirement for a heartworm test before commencing treatment.
  • However a diagnostic test for heartworm prior to commencement of treatment is recommended to ensure the optimum health of dogs.
  • Advocate has no strong chemical smell.
  • The liquid vehicle in Advocate may discolour certain surfaces and fabrics.
  • Exclude the animal from contact with such surfaces until the product dries on the animal’s coat.
  • '100 g/L imidacloprid, 10 g/L moxidectin.